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5 Best Music Videos Of The Week


e59040cfEach week I find myself writing about how much I hate performance-driven music videos but present you with an exception. I think it’s time to admit defeat and realise that there is actually a large population of artists and music video directors who can get creative and pull them off. Although I feel a little foolish for having this initial hatred for them I am also thrilled to see a number of…

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Right Now: Instagram Accounts I Am Obsessed With This Week


If you know me then you will know how much I enjoy Instagram. I use it for a number of things: posting updates about myself, posting pictures of my cats, posting pictures of my meals, stalking my favourite celebrities, finding more meal recipes, looking for style inspiration, life hacks and so on. The more I use it, the more I find people I want to follow and keep up with. Like many other social…

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Top Tens: Things I Enjoyed This Week

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1. Jenny Lewis and Beck covered Rod Stewart
beck-at-coachella-2014-by-karl-walterTouring partners Beck and Jenny Lewis closed their Marymoor Park show in Seattle by covering Rod Stewart’s hilarious classic “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?”. The pair play the second iTunes festival show at Roundhouse (02/09) which I am delighted to say I am working at! Lewis is also playing Islington Assembly Hall the following Friday (05/09), I can’t wait!


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Top Tens: Things I Enjoyed This Week

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1. Sadly the hilarious Robin Williams passed away this week but Reddit reposted his amazing AMA

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 22.09.20It was lovely to see how universally adored Robin was as an overwhelming amount of celebrities took to social media to remember him. With more stories emerging every day it is clear to see Robin Williams was not only one funny guy, but he was also a very kind and humble man too. He will be missed. A…

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Right Now: Fashion Trends I Am Obsessed With This Week

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It’s a rainy Monday and after a truly dreadful Sunday, I am doing a little retail therapy. Or fantasising about it anyway. This year has been full of 90’s throwback fashion and I have to say two-pieces or “twosies” are my favourite. I think they are just fabulous. I have a Bart Simpson one myself. Here are some of my favourites, come pay-day I hope to add some to my collection.

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Megan L’sawesome…

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